Neil Woods is a former undercover drugs officer and Detective Sergeant. He’s the author of bestselling memoir Good Cop Bad War, and the drug policy history Drug Wars with JS Rafaeli. Neil is a board member of LEAP in the USA and chair of the organisation in the U.K. He has been a central figure in the drug law reform debate for many years and is a media pundit on drugs and drug policy around the world.

BOARD MEMBERSuzanne Sharkey

Suzanne Sharkley is a former Constable and Undercover Operative in the Constabulary of Northumbria in the UK. She has been a member of LEAP UK since 2016. Her lived experience as someone who used alcohol and other drugs problematically led to her interest in Drug Reform and how current policies and the way these policies are policed contributes to the deaths of many and how the criminalisation of people who use drugs compounds the problem. She advocates for a fundamental change in current Drug Policies and health based solutions to helping the most vulnerable in society.

BOARD MEMBERBenjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy

Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy is a drug policy expert and former UNODC consultant. He has created numerous civil-society-lead initiatives and non-profit organisations around drug policy reform in France and has worked in building LEAP Europe since 2017. He is currently the CEO of a cannabis consultancy based in Paris



David Reydellet is secretary general of LEAP Europe. He is the former coordinator of a French civic-tech incubator run by the nonprofit Démocratie Ouverte. He is now studying neuroscience and is involved in research on psychoactive compounds.


Robin Troutot is the former collaborator of the French MP Caroline Janvier. Expert of public affairs and French public security policies, he lead the work on a national parliamentary report showcasing alternative legal regulations for cannabis in France.


LEAP hope to change the minds of our lawmakers by utilising their unique perspective on the war on drugs to highlight the failures and harms they’ve witnessed first hand.