Parliamentary debate June 2023 // In June, exact date to be defined // Our members in the UK are well established and key voices in the drug policy debate. Following a successful campaign, which marks the 50th years anniversary of UK drug laws, we bring together the growing non-partisan political movement for drug law reform in the House of Parliament. 
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Public debate June 20th, 2022 The Netherlands has at least a claim to have the best police service of the world, but despite this there is an acute problem with organised crime. How to address this with spending is currently being considered by Dutch authorities. Through this public, live broadcasted debate between high-end experts on drug policy, LEAP Europe will […]
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Public debate April 8th, 2022 Catalonian cannabis laws have been at the forefront of alternative regulation models for years in Europe and this non-commercial, context-based virtuous model is now in jeopardy. LEAP Europe wants to highlight the law enforcement benefits not only to maintain the current model but to build upon it. More information in Spanish here.
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